Thursday, February 4, 2010

Am I bad at time management?

Really, this may be one of the only areas where I feel like I have some talent. But have I gotten too good at fitting in too many things?

I maximize my morning by preparing for it the evening before. I organize during my commute. I set deadlines, create tasks, itemize, allocate, and prioritize at work. Multi-task again during the commute. Exercise manicly, eat home-cooked, organic, veggie meals, spend half an hour with my boys, meditate before bed, and sleep.

I'm tired just telling you.

Where's the time for me? Well, like a pressure cooker I combust a little every now and again. I eat junky hamburgers. I drink beers. I don't run, or worse, I do a wimply little nothing run and call it good. I sleep too much. I stare open-mouthed at the idiot box. But mostly, I melt down in the brain and my ability to multi-task simply vanishes until I am recharged.

That's normal right? Wait, what do I care.

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