Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm So Hard on Me

Racing today was a big bummer. I fell, within the first mile. It hurt and it was really embarrassing. Running was really hard. I didn't feel like I was making good progress. I was doubled over at the waist going uphill. Really it just hurt and kept hurting.

I moped about this a little when I got home, like I like to do. And I had a really awesome nap.

But I remembered my friend stopping and giving me a hand off the ground, and that was really cool. And I got up and kept running, I didn't quit. And even though it hurt, a lot, I passed a lot of people on my slog to the finish. I just didn't notice because my face was all scrunched up.

And in the end, my goal was to run in 50 minutes, and that's precisely what I did: 10k in 50:00. While I would have liked to be under 50, I did fall, darn it, and that takes time. And that 8:00 minute pace placed me 75/865 total runners, 28/636 total girls, and 4th in my age group.

So the lesson here is, a little moping and a good nap will fix most crummy dispositions.

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