Saturday, May 1, 2010

I love the beach. And the beach loves me.

I grew up in the midwest. And we had beaches, 10,000 beaches. I spent all my summer time at the beach. It was awesome.

It sucked. Seems that the beach can mean a couple different things, out west it means the Pacific coast. And that beach is far superior to all 10,000 Minnesotan beaches combined.

One of my favorite things about The Beach is that everyone there is happy. Happy all the time. They are joking and laid back, they have all day, too, and nowhere else to be. They build sandcastles and dig holes and sit in them. They make out in the sand and hide in tents. They eat ice cream and buy sunglasses.

I dig my toes in the sand and watch them all. And I am happy, too.

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