Monday, January 31, 2011

Ladies! Get off yer asses!

I saw the most amazing thing during my run the other morning. It was the beginning of a beautiful day, and there were a lot of other people out running and biking. Two of those people happened to pass me.

They were a man and woman, dressed in jeans and brown leather jackets, with matching full-suspension Wal-Mart bikes. As they passed me, I noticed he was the only one pedaling. She was holding onto his jacket getting a tow.

They were not moving very fast, so they were in my field of view for about 15 minutes. During that time she never pedaled.

This made me so sad. I thought, maybe she had: cancer; brain lesions; multiple sclerosis; a wooden leg; the flu.

Really I was sad because she was probably just lazy. What’s up with that, girls??

Why do so many of us lack the desire to push ourselves? Why do we feel justified in loafing around because our lives may be demanding in other areas? Why do we cling so desperately to the notion of comfort???

There is nothing that makes me feel more thrilled (well maybe not nothing, but let’s be dramatic here, huh) than seeing some other chick push herself like crazy. Especially when I’m trying to do the same. Maybe the competitive nature may not be altogether natural in us girls, but shouldn’t we value it all the more?

Props to all you go-getters out there.


Matthew Rubcic said...

haha that is great!! Nice post..

Jade said...

I cling pretty desperately to the notion of comfort. I have no desire to push myself the way you do, but I am so, so proud of your commitment to yourself! Plus your butt looks so good these days.