Sunday, February 20, 2011

Exercising Demons

I know, right, it's very funny. It's not mine, my funny DM friend said it first.

But I love it, and it really applied to yesterday's run. I had lots of stress this last week, and therefore found lots of excuses not to run off the stress like a good little girl. By Saturday, I was feeling very toxic from said stress, bad eating, not so much sleep, and too much beer. Solution = run. No brainer.

But OMG it was so horrible. I could not make myself get dressed. I could not make myself walk out the door. After the first mile, my music died. I was on my own. With my demons.

Then I remembered exercising demons, like my friend says, and I got a good case of the giggles. I'm a very visual person. So I see 2' tall smoky imps chasing me down the road and trying to trip me, and snickering in their helium-balloon voices. At first they taunt me over their shoulders and make snide remarks about my lumbering technique and inability to breathe, but eventually I'm in front. Their teeth are clamped firmly into my calves by about the fourth mile, but I picture them flapping in the breeze behind my fast legs. Eventually they give up and skulk away. And I have a great rest of my run.

Demons don't much care for exercise.


Jo said...

haha! This is awesome and well written. My ipod died on me earlier this week. And I still ran. That was huge for me! I usually have a week like you have the week before my period. It's weird and I want to learn to control it. It's like I move backwards that week. And I have totally had your second paragraph, word for word. Once, a couple weeks ago, both my husband and I were totally dressed, ready to go out the door and we just sat on the couch looking at each other. We ended up staying in. It was that bad.

Bunny said...

Well thanks, Jo. I have no idea how to control "those" weeks -- okay not true, I know exactly how to control it; just don't know how to make myself put it into practice.

I know that when I'm really stressed I need good nutrition, but it's like good food falls out of my mouth. I crave everything (chocolate, fries, burgers, ice cream, cheetos ... omg). I also know I need sleep, but I fall into having a beer or glass of wine at night, and that just wakes me up later.

Usually the hub is a good motivator, but sometimes that fails too. We've sat, one shoe on and one shoe off, staring at each other. I think we just have to shrug it off and start over tomorrow.