Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stress and Not-running

I've been doing a lot of Not-running lately. This is different from Running, in that it is the exact opposite. That is consistent with my everyday practice of stress-management.

Okay, so this is a recurring problem for me. I have a voluminous amount of stress in my life. Maybe it's no more than anyone else has, and I just don't deal with it as well. I don't know, and really it doesn't matter. It feels like a lot, and I do not manage it well.

I'm aware this is not the first time I've talked about this, and I know it will not be the last, but come on already, I've had enough. How do I break these recurrent habits I have for dealing with too much stress in my life? I know the answer while I'm writing this, but I'm no happy about it. It involves recognizing these habits and choosing to change them rather than mindlessly following my "stress routine." But that is also hard work. (Ugh, look how good I've gotten at excuses.)

Maybe I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop, maybe I'm waiting till I hit bottom with this stress business. I seem to enjoy testing my limits.

Open to suggestions: How do you deal with stress in your life?

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Jade said...

I'm sure you've heard about all my silly rituals to deal with stress - usually it involves visualisation and breaking something.

Probably my favourite way to deal with stress if I can't break something is to write it out - I make a list of all the causes of the stress, a list of all the ways that stress impacts me, or the feelings I have from that stress (poor eating habits, more smoking, etc.).

Once my lists are done I read through it and figure out what I most want to change (in my case, not smoke as much) and then find ways to change that behaviour. Sometimes I discover that there are things on my 'cause' list that I can actually control or fix, and that's the best thing ever. Mostly, for me, it has to do with really acknowledging how I feel and then setting about changing how I feel. Easier said than done, but you're stubborn enough to do it no matter how hard it is.

Another way I deal with stress? I talk to you. You really give great advice, and you're a fantastic listener. Maybe you just need to have a chat with yourself over a cup of tea sometime. It always fixes me up. :)