Monday, May 9, 2011

Attitude Adjustment

I don't mind telling you I have a perfectionist complex. This gets in my way a lot.

It's a real challenge for me with regards to running. I have these inflated expectations of myself, based on what I've achieved in the past and on where I'd like to be. I wish I were running 40-50 miles a week, I wish my long runs were 20s instead of 8s, I wish my pace was 7:30 instead of sometimes 9:30. I know you wish these things too. I mean you have your own goals for you (although maybe you do wish this for me too, and in that case thank you you're the best).

But I'm a driven, busy gal, and I frequently fall short of these goals. For instance last week I ran a little over 13 miles. Pffft.

I know that's wrong and bad. But so what I want more. I guess I'm beginning to think it's okay to want more, but I have to stop disregarding everything that I consider as falling short. I'm a mean person. Today I worked on being happy.

Yes that's right, today's mantra was "Run Happy." There was a time when I really enjoyed running and it wasn't such a chore. So I checked my attitude at the door and spent much of the next seventy minutes reminding myself to lighten up and enjoy the ride.

And I did.

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Jade said...

It's hard, eh? Adjusting one's own attitude and checking perfectionism and enjoying the moment and not considering oneself a failure... these things are all very, very challenging. Good for you for doing it!

I think you advised me on similar matters recently... sounds like your advice works for you too. :)