Thursday, May 26, 2011

Secret Marathoning

After my first marathon last fall, within five minutes of finishing, I decided I could do better. I would run another marathon. The question became when.

I started this year with the goal of competing in the Twin Cities Marathon this fall. A lot has happened, however, to keep my running train a little off track. It's now a couple of weeks from when I'd like to start training, and I don't have my base mileage back up to a place where that training plan is even a good possibility. Reluctantly, I decided that this race would have to wait.

Five minutes after I decided not to run it this year, I suddenly found boundless motivation to run. What the heck, right? But it still doesn't add up to a good base. Then I had an idea.

Maybe the problem wasn't that I was not where I wanted to be fitness-wise (which I am not), but that I was not adapting my training plan to match where I actually am. AHA!! I immediately found a plan that was a lot more realistic, but would still allow me to improve my time from last year. It's not too much of a jump from the mileage I am currently running. And there is room for rest, so if it begins to feel overwhelming I can recover.

And voila! I will be running the marathon this fall. But I still feel hesitant about my current fitness. So rather than training for "A Marathon," I will suggest to myself that I run a certain distance on a certain day, as a part of my normal fitness regimen. I think after a week or two of this, I will have convinced myself that I can do it. So keep quiet and don't remind me what's going on, you.

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Jo said...

Haha! Love this! This is so great! I'm not ready. I keep telling myself that is the problem. People WALK them.. so why couldn't I attempt to run one? ahh.. I'll stick my half this year.. though I was tempted last week to sign up for the full!