Saturday, June 11, 2011

Running in my Now

Running sometimes sucks. I'm not one of those people with natural ability, I work hard to get where I am. But I work hard at everything else too, so sometimes when I get to the run I'm fresh out of drive.

On those days, I spend most of my run thinking about how hard it is, or what hurts, or how many miles I've logged this week. But usually it's how much farther until I can stop. Those are very tough runs, and I don't enjoy them so much.

I did not want that for my long run today. Long runs are hard enough for me, I don't need my whiney inner voice to get involved too. So I took a day's rest, had a good sleep, and chose a new route.

I like variety where I run. My route today was awesome. Lots of uneven running surfaces kept me paying attention to where I was stepping. Rolling up and downhills were such a nice break from running around the flat circle lakes. There was no dodging strollers, pedestrians, or dog leashes. This run was over before I knew it, and I enjoyed mostly the whole thing. More of that, please.


Jade said...

When I'm having a particularly tough time (which you would find embarrassingly simple), I ritualise each step. Paying attention to my foot as it lands, the coordination of my arms and legs, breath going in and out of my lungs; I envision the muscles in my body working together to propel me forward, and the healing effects of the motion - both on my body and my spirit. This helps, and it is in those moments that I see my version of 'god', and I run with the knowledge that I have access to an energy that is larger than me.

And, of course, I am reminded that I have this thing in my life because you showed me the beauty of it. Running is a funny thing for me - I'm not good at it, and I look ridiculous doing it, and sometimes I hate it, but it has given me a connection to something inside myself that I never knew I had. Which makes you basically awesome. :)

Bunny said...

Thank you for that!! After your first paragraph, I was prepared to reply that while I'm glad that works for you, that kind of visualization will not get me through 12 tough miles. When I'd finished reading, I changed my mind. Thank you for reminding me to value myself and my run! I guess a person can't learn that too often!!