Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Le Ouch

I am injured. I hurt my knee but didn't notice it right away, and because of that I hurt my hamstring. I am mostly not running for the last week, and probably this week. And maybe next week.

I've never been injured in a way that impacted my ability to run. Sure, there was the time I tripped running in the dark and dislocated my finger, but I just popped it back in and kept running. I guess that's why I am where I am, this time I should have stopped.

My second marathon is in less than a month. This is the one where I set an incredible PR and am all happy and fulfilled, remember? Well, I just skipped my last long training run, and if I can't do it this weekend I'm not doing it at all. And since I can only manage about four miles right now, I'm just a teensy bit aprehensive about the marathon. By aprehensive I mean terrified.

What if I can't do it?


Brian said...

You may not get those final confidence boosting training runs in, but you've done the work you needed to do. You are ready. Get comfortable and pain-free and just maintain where you're at. We get the same weather as last year, you will destroy this race!

Bunny said...

Awesome comment, Brian. Just what I need to hear, thanks!