Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Marathon Mania

Ah, a long-overdue update for you!

So I spent three weeks in NY immersed in family stuff, and during that time I did a little re-evaluating. My relationship, my job, my family, my aspirations. And then I registered for another marathon. Because what I came to realize is that

life is for living.

I want another crack at a marathon, I have always known I would do another one at some point. What I love, you see, is the training. And the discipline. And the enormity of the goal. And the camaraderie of others striving for their goals. And the rigors of each day. And the accomplishment. And the deep, deep contentment.

So I dug in to running again, committing to a schedule and a mileage goal to get my base up before the training cycle began. And I started reading again for motivation. There is a blog I like, and I fell upon an article about the author’s rise from a 5-hour marathon to Boston. Hmm, I thought, sounds interesting. The more I read, the more I related to the author. I thought, I could be on this path if I wanted to be.

That thought had never occurred to me before. I could run the Boston Marathon? I could even qualify for the Boston Marathon? Right. But there was a time when I thought only crazy people with extreme fitness even tried a marathon, and so I couldn’t possibly do one. But then, I ran the Portland Marathon, didn’t I.

My time was 4:57. I walked a lot. I had not planned on walking at all, and now I see what was missing from my training. My goal for Grandma’s Marathon in June is 4:00 – 4:15. I know that’s a big window, but I will be happy with anything in there.

Oh yes, and I registered for marathon #3. I think if I can drop a little weight, improve my fitness, and maintain some steady, growing mileage, I can do even better. In October, when I run the Twin Cities Marathon, I hope to make 3:45 – 4:00. Who knows? Maybe I’ll keep going. At my age, I would qualify for Boston with a 3:25.

It’s little steps. Every little step adds up. So many steps to a mile. So many miles to a run. So many runs to a training cycle. And that is what is motivating me now: the long, slow, evolving journey.


brad watson said...

Awesomeness! Was wondering when you were gonna post again! I'm trying to figure out which marathon to run this year as shoulder is almost healed and it's time to put in some miles.

Best of luck to you on all your goals...if you're ever back in PDX look me up and we can grab a run!!

Brian said...

If there is any marathon to knock out a sub 4 hour race, the Twin Cities Marathon is it! It may not be the easiest, but with a crowd and a course like that, you can't go wrong. I have PR'd both TCM's I have ran.

Bunny said...

Brad: Thanks, and that's great news! Glad you're back in the saddle (or rather on the Springfield). I'll look you up when I make it back to PDX!

Brian: I'm really looking forward to it. I was supposed to run it last year but got hurt, so I went out and cheered instead. You are right about the atmosphere!