Thursday, May 17, 2012

DNS: My Not-Race Report

I'm having a stupid week. This happens; it seems like my life gets completely out of whack at least once per training cycle. No worries, I know it will straighten itself out.

So on this stupid week, I junked my hard run and skipped two others. But today, today I had a race. I had registered for the TC 1 Mile, and I figured that I could at least do.

Actually, I was pretty excited for this. Even though it was really windy, dry and warm, I want to run. I got myself out of work, high-tailed it to the start, picked up my packet, checked my stuff, wrinkled up my bib, and left for a quick warm up.

And when I got back, I had missed the start.

By one minute.

So I talked to The Guy. He said, go ahead and run it. But the chip timing is turned off. And traffic will not be stopped.

Holy Hell!!! I missed the start by One Minute. Really, I would have dealt with stopping for cross-traffic for a 10- or 5k, but I need to stop every block for a mile?? I picked up my stuff, trashed my bib, and went home. It was a serious exercise in self-control not to break some windows.

So, again. This happens, I know it will straighten itself out.

But really, this is the stupidest race report ever.

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