Saturday, July 19, 2014

Stomping Out of the Hole

Have you heard the story of the farmer and the mule? The farmer's incorrigible mule had fallen in the well, and the malicious farmer decides to bury the mule in the well and be done with it. So he shovels dirt into the well thinking he is burying the mule alive, but the mule stomps down each shovel-full until the well floor has risen enough for him to jump out and horseshoe the farmer in the head. I love this story.

However, for the last year I have been the mule who sits there and gets buried. Many of my runner friends will be familiar with the effects of depression, from which I suffer periodically and sometimes debilitatingly. Running of course is excellent medicine for depression, and also sometimes an overwhelming wall to climb. And the further out of shape I got, the more untenable it became. Work also became a convenient excuse for my behavior, and I sure used it.

And now here I am, in the fantastic position of being utterly pissed off. This is good, because it is one of the few motivators that will actually prompt me to do something. In the last month, I have lost ten pounds and been riding more regularly, and am starting to reintroduce running. And have stopped neglecting the running community who could have seen me through this.

I may be stubborn as the mule, but dammit I'm finally stomping out of this hole.


Clarinda @ Enjoying the Course said...

Excellent news! Keep on stomping!!

Jade said...

I am annoyingly familiar with this hole... and the depression, lack of exercise/motivation, and the spiraling behaviour. Glad you're stomping! I had to move my treadmill recently, and just last night had it set up for the first time in weeks. Also, I'm learning the drums.

Bunny said...

Thanks ladies! Jade, please send me a vid of your drum-playing, this is just delightful.

brad watson said...

Keep at it girl! Your Portland Peeps are behind you :)